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Gov't committed to create job opportunities for youth: says Ghneimat

[3/7/2019 11:40:06 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of State for Media Affairs, Jumana Ghneimat, said the government, in line with Royal directives, is intensifying its efforts to implement its priorities for creating employment opportunities for the youth.

In a press statement on Thursday, the minister noted the government team, tasked to meet young jobseekers, will continue in the coming days its visits to the Kingdom's various governorates and regions, and will coordinate with the private sector to announce the available jobs and fill vacancies within the available openings, adding the team's visit to the southern regions yesterday was "successful and productive."

Ghneimat also referred to King Abdullah's directives to the government to maintain contact with youth and create employment opportunities to them.

Ghneimat noted the government is aware of the challenges and pressures facing the young people, adding: the youth's main concern is unemployment and lack of job opportunities.

The minister stressed the role of the private sector as a key partner in providing employment opportunities, in light of the limited vacancies in the government institutions.

On implementation of the gov't pledges, she said the government has over the past three months provided more than 3500 job opportunities in the private sector of the total 30,000 openings the government has pledged to create within the industry, textile, hotel, construction, housing, agriculture, educational, medical, telecommunications, and information technology sectors, among others.

The minister said the Ministry of Labor announces the available vacancies, in addition to training and rehabilitation opportunities.

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