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Netanyahu: Supplying Jordan and Arabs with gas will reap Israel billions of dollars

[2/1/2019 3:11:09 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during the inauguration of the installation of the lower part of the Leviathan gas field platform in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea that the gas pipeline will connect Tel Aviv to the gas market in Europe and reach "our Arab neighbors," including Jordan and Egypt in particular.

Netanyahu said that "two-thirds of the gas revenue from this facility will be transferred directly to the treasury of the state and about hundreds of billions of shekels will be used in the areas of education and social welfare and funding vital needs."

"The completion of the gas platform in the Levitan field in the Mediterranean Sea and the start of gas pumping and delivery throughout the year is a critical element of the State of Israel's strategy," he said.

"Gas is a vital component of our strategic power, energy, economy and diplomacy," he added.

"This is a very important revolution, turning Israel into an energy superpower, giving us independence in this area and giving us great power."

Tel Aviv is developing gas production from both fields after it was discovered in 2009 and 2010.

Tamar field began to be exploited in 2013, with a total capacity of 238 billion cubic meters. One of the most promising gas fields discovered in recent years off the coast of the occupied territories.

The Leviathan gas field will be operational in 2019 when the Tamar field reserve starts to decline.

In September 2016, Tel Aviv signed a $ 10 billion contract to supply gas from the Leviathan gas field to Jordan, which has been opposed by the public and trade unions in the Kingdom to consider gas as "stolen Palestinian gas."

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