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New York hotels offer free rooms to furloughed US govt workers

[1/19/2019 2:47:47 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Federal workers affected by the partial US government shutdown may request a free New York hotel room if their situation is dire, a local trade group said.

The shutdown began on December 22 after President Donald Trump rejected a budget bill because it did not contain funding for the wall he wants to build along the US-Mexico border.

Ripples are starting to widen through the broader US economy, with the deadlock grinding on with no end in sight.

So “in a show of goodwill to thousands of workers affected by the government shutdown, the Hotel Association of New York City announced it will provide free hotel rooms to furloughed federal workers who need to travel to New York City for personal emergencies during the shutdown,” the group said in a statement.

Federal workers who might need a free hotel stay were asked to send an email explaining their circumstances with subject “GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN ROOM APPLICATION” to

“Whether it’s a family situation or a health issue that requires people to travel to the city, we will do what we can to provide accommodations on a limited basis to those in dire need,” said Vijay Dandapani, president and CEO, Hotel Association of New York City.


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