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Tarawneh : Gov't, Lower House agree on indebted women, students' loans

[1/19/2019 2:40:48 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Lower House Speaker, Atef Tarawneh, underlined the importance of achieving the objective of the General Pardon, which His Majesty the King directed the government to issue in order to alleviate challenges and pressures facing citizens.

The speaker's made his remarks in a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister, Rajai Muasher, Minister of Justice, Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Bassam Talhouni, the Parliament's Legal Committee President Abdel Munem Oudat, Legislation and Opinion Bureau President Nofan Ajarmeh and a number of deputies.

Al-Tarawneh said the issue of the gharimat (indebted women), students and farmers’ loans has to be resolved and requires government decisions, so today an agreement was reached under which the government will pay for the loans' interests of small farmers provided that the amount of the original debt is JD10,000 or less with rescheduling them.

On the gharimat, the government will also pay for women whose debts are JD2000 or less, and as for legal actions against the rest, they will be postponed until the government develops a detailed study to define the concept of gharimah, according to the speaker.

With regard to student loans, a grace period of 5 years has been agreed upon from the date of the student's receipt of the loan and payment must be made within 5 years, except in the event of the student gets a job, the payment period starts from the starting of the job.

It was also agreed to review the rules of granting loans, so that the loan of the student who has been awarded a distinction will be converted into a grant.

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