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Senate President rejects offending religions

[12/12/2018 3:55:11 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Senate President, Faisal al-Fayez, on Wednesday utterly rejected any contempt to religions; their symbols and followers.

In a statement isuued Wednesday, Al-Fayez said "Religions call for good faith and demeanor, and so, any attempt to offend religions; their symbols or followers are desperate and wretched attempts that the Jordanian leadership and people utterly refuse. Our Hashemite leadership has always encouraged us to cherish the similarities between religions, and always protected the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem as the custodian over the holy city of Jerusalem."

Under the leadership of his Majesty King Abdullah II, Jordan has always sought to spread the principles of love and tolerance among religions and get their adherents to come together in order to achieve peace and security for nations all over the world, Senate President added.

His Majesty believes that love, tolerance, acceptance and non-violence are the principles that should prevail instead of violence, killing, destruction, extremism and repugnant racism, al-Fayez noted, stressing that "this is what made Jordan set an example for peace, which cherishes the similarities between people and transcend the differences based on race and religion."

Al-Fayez congratulated Christians on holidays, wishing Jordanians further prosperity and peace.

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