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Cabinet approves amended draft law on cybercrimes bill

[12/10/2018 2:07:09 PM]

AMMONNEWS - A Cabinet meeting, chaired by Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz on Monday endorsed an amended draft law on Cybercrimes bill and to refer it to the Lower House of Parliament to be approved through constitutional channels.

Earlier, the government withdrew the draft law, which was referred to the Lower House by the previous government, in order to amend it, particularly with respect to the definition and criminalization of hate speech as well as article 11, which was not available for amendment under the previous draft law.

The new amendments included reconsidering the definition of hate speech to include "every writing and every speech or action intended to provoke sectarian or racial strife, to advocate violence, or to foster conflict between communities and various elements of the nation."

The amendments also included the opening of Article (11) of the original law and the maximum penalty of two years was imposed.

Among other amendments, the new ones also criminalized rumors and fake news, with a penalty of not less than three months and not exceeding two years.

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