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PM meets with Modernity, Development Bloc

[12/9/2018 2:37:25 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Omar Razzaz met Sunday with the of Modernity and Development Parliamentary Bloc headed by MP Mazen Qadi.

During the meeting, which was attended by the Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, Mussa Maaytah, the prime minister was briefed on the bloc's insights regarding a number of issues on the local scene.

MP Qadi said his bloc believes in a "real partnership" with the government for the benefit of the country and citizens, pointing to the importance of conducting more dialogues and links between the executive and legislative authorities toward various challenges facing the Kingdom.

The bloc also believes in the freedom of opinion and expression within legal and constitutional frameworks, without exploitation, Qadi added.

The prime minister said the government is working to bridge the gap with citizens in terms of their confidence with its work, noting that the government's 2-year priorities include on-the-ground achievements and implementation criteria within specific timelines and citizens' accountability.

He said the government's vision entails that reform tracks must proceed in a balanced and parallel manner between political and economic reform and improvement of services provided to citizens.

On the Access to Information Law, the premier pointed out to the government's commitment to provide information requested by the citizen, taking into account information that touches on national security, which must be defined accurately, noting that the law's articles were closed and therefore was withdrawn from the House of Representatives for reconsideration.

On the Cybercrimes Bill, the debate was about articles 10 and 11 of the draft, Razzaz said. The first concerns the definition of hate speech and contained a vague meaning that could be misused, while article 11 is closed and relates to penalties that may be up to 3 years imprisonment and detaining young people and it can also be misused, he noted.

He added: "I had a stand that was announced several months ago that they both should be amended."

Regarding governorates, Razzaz pointed out that they are less developed due to lack of investments, indicating that governments is to blame.

He added that the 30 thousand jobs that are expected to be generated by the economy will be mostly in the governorates.

The bloc's member lauded a "positive" the ties between MPs, the government and citizens, stressing the need to focus more on governorates and remote areas.

They also called for fighting all kinds of financial and administrative corruption and reduce smuggling from development and special zones, and stressed the importance of strengthening the state and the rule of law, demanding the continued support of the armed forces and security bodies.

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