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Jordan says Al Rukban camp for Syrian refugees is Syrian issue

[11/9/2018 7:33:58 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Jordan on Thursday said the issue of Al Rukban camp for Syrian refugees, which is located in the no-man's land between Jordan and Syria, is a Syrian issue as the camp is inside Syrian territories.

The Jordanian Foreign Ministry said Jordan's stance is based on the need for a radical solution to the camp, according to a statement by the ministry.

Majed Qatarneh, the ministry's spokesperson, said Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi has repeatedly stated Jordan's stance in this regard.

He added that the residents of the camp are Syrians and the camp is inside Syria, noting that Jordan allowed the UN agencies to deliver aid to the camp from inside Jordan as the delivery of aid was not possible from inside the Syrian territories.

The situation improved inside Syria and the delivery of aid to the camp from inside Syria is also possible and thus all aid needs to be sent from inside Syria, he said.

This week, Russia suggested a plan to open the way for the refugees of the camp to return to their hometowns inside Syria following a dialogue with Jordan in this regard.

Jordan supported the Russia plan and stressed that it is not responsible for the camp that is located inside Syria.

The official said serious talks started between Jordan, the United States and Russia to find a solution that allows for the voluntary return of refugees in the camp to their areas.

Jordan will continue to offer aid to those who need it inside the camp, said the official.

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