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Senate president receives 2017 Audit Bureau report

[10/31/2018 3:48:39 PM]

AMMONNEWS - President of the Senate, Faisal Fayez, affirmed the importance of the oversight role of the Audit Bureau and said its procedures are in accordance with international standards to preserve public funds and rectify imbalances in the governmental institutions.

During a meeting with the bureau's President Abed Kharabsheh, who delivered Fayez a copy of 2017 Audit Bureau report, Fayez highlighted its "great" efforts in preparing the report as well as its oversight work.

Fayez stressed the need for cooperation between the Senate and the bureau, adding he will refer the report to the Senate's specialized committees to review it.

For his part, Kharabsheh said the bureau is keen to acquaint the Senate with the nature of its work and the various irregularities and violations in all institutions under its jurisdiction, expressing appreciation to the Senate president and members for their support to the bureau and all its employees.

He expressed the bureau’s readiness to cooperate with the Upper House to achieve Jordan’s public interest.

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