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Opening Jaber border crossing serves joint interests

[10/18/2018 7:34:49 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply welcomed the "positive" developments that serve the joint economic relations and interests of Jordan and Syria, namely the opening of the Jaber-Naseeb border crossing and its importance in receiving cargo shipments between the two countries.

The ministry stressed in a statement on Thursday the importance of this economic facility and its "vital" role in promoting mutual and transit trade en route to Europe, Asia and the Gulf countries.

On a related context, Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, Tarek Hammouri, lauded the interest of the Syrian side in the rehabilitation of the Syrian-Jordanian Free Zone, which serves interests of both countries.

The minister instructed the relevant bodies to speed up the rehabilitation process and to submit plans to resume services and to revive the trade movement.

The zone, which has actually began operations in 2000 at its current headquarters, Jaber - Naseeb crossing, contributed to attracting joint, Arab, and foreign investments in various sectors of trade, industry, services, and transport and helped create job opportunities for the local community.

The investment volume stands at more than 500 contracts in the various sectors and more investment from both countries is expected once the zone assumes operations.

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