Deputy PM discusses draft income tax bill with unionists | Jordan News | Ammon News

Deputy PM discusses draft income tax bill with unionists

[9/22/2018 4:24:47 PM]

AMMONNEWS - A government team led by Deputy Prime Minister Raja'i Mu'asher on Saturday discussed with unionists a draft income tax bill the government has recently announced and aims at enhancing collection and fight tax evasion and dodging.

Mu'asher said the government is well aware of the overall tax burden on citizens and is studying this issue to come up with solutions. He pointed out that there is a problem in the country's foreign debt, which could add $250 million to $300 million a year if not solved.

The deputy prime minister underlined the importance of the social solidarity tax, saying there are more than 105 impoverished families who don't receives any government support.

The unionists delivered written observations over the draft law and said the government is required to revisit some texts of the bill and take the number of family members into account when collecting the tax.

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