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The Russian hackersare just so much to bear

[8/25/2018 6:45:12 AM]

AMMONNEWS - By Feras Werr - As a response to an article in the New York Times named “New Russian Hacking Targeted Republican Groups, Microsoft Says”. How much can the US handle pressure. Is it time to really act or are we left with a US president that cannot handle Russia and its influence. It’s about time we cut the sex scandle crap away and really ask the president. What does he have up his sleeve to reverse Russia’s pressure away from the US and its internal affairs.

Its not a big secret. It’s all over the news world wide; that the US is subject to massive Russian manipulation to the extent that the legitimacy of the latest presidential elections and the future ones are under questioning. The question of how many insults can the pride of the American nation handle is definitely not open to discussion. What is the presidency’s plan to really stand up to this Russian internet attack is a question I would really love to ask the real president of the US.Obviously Trump doesn’t have the know howas to how to stop Russia and it’s growing influence in the US making me really wonder as to who is running the White House. There are somethings that have to stop. Many thanks to Microsoft and its efforts in stopping the Russian hackers from what they are doing… but on an internal scale there should be massive measures taken to fortify all the sites that have been hacked and to tell Russia to also back off..America is hands off for you.

What is the Trump administration waiting for. The goal of the Russian hackers were geared towards tearing apart the unity of the Republican party. Should the US ease up its nosing into Russian affairs so Russia will do the same? A lot of political analysts in the Middle East have noticed that the Russian internet hackers are revenging NATO and US attempts to curtail Russian influence in many areas around the globe. Moreover explaining Putin’siron will to supportBashar Al-Assad’s regime in Syria; a move to strike back at the US’s will to remove Al-Assad’s regime from power. Russia also sustained army bases in Syria strategically stating to the world that it is counteracting against growing US influence and goals in the region… again proposing the same question. What is the Trump’s administration plan to cut down on ths tension between the US and Russia. What is Trump waiting for… a move by Russia to damage US internal political solidarity? I just wonder if Trump is at all qualified to lead the battle with Russia...although I hope he is for all the good and democracy that the US stands for. I will be praying for the US.

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