Police crack down on Fuhais bombing suspects, arrest 3 | Jordan News | Ammon News

Police crack down on Fuhais bombing suspects, arrest 3

[8/11/2018 5:00:18 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Security forces on Saturday raided the hideout of a terrorist cell suspected of being behind an improvised explosive device explosion in Fuhais, outside Amman, on Friday, which left a gendarme dead and injured 6 others.

Minister for Media Affairs, Jumana Ghunimat, said security forces received intelligence that the suspects were hiding in a house in Salt, northwest of Amman, and raided the house. She added that the suspects refused to turn themselves in and opened heavy fire on the security forces and blew up the house, which they had already planted with explosives.

The explosion, Ghunimat added, brought part of the building down. One member of the security forces was killed and several others, including civilians, were injured, Ghunimat, who is also the government spokesperson, said.

She indicated that three of the suspects were arrested and the operation was still underway.

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