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Jordan issues Red Notice against "tobacco case" prime suspect

[8/6/2018 3:46:50 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The State Security Court's Public Prosecution, on Monday, issued the International Red Notice against the prime suspect in the illegal production and smuggling of tobacco for sale in the local market.

The Public Prosecution will coordinate with the anti-money laundering and terrorism financing unit and will address its counterpart to freeze the suspect's funds outside the Kingdom, if there is any, as well as conducting an extensive financial analysis and investigation against the defendants in the case and the companies owned by them.

Military prosecutor, Hazem Al-Majali, said the State Security Court's Public Prosecution managed, through the special investigation team on the case, to gather information and documents relating to the already referred cases by the General Prosecutor and identify the main suspects.

The arrested persons were interrogated and warrants were issued for the rest, Al-Majali added, noting that the court had ordered to freeze the movable and immovable assets of the defendants, including the prime suspect.

Al-Majali indicated that materials needed for the production of cigarettes, raw tobacco and production lines that entered in the name of companies owned by the defendants were seized in coordination with the General Customs Department.

"The case still needs more time and effort to conduct financial audit and analyze customs data due to a huge amount of relevant information that is received on a daily basis," Al-Majali said.

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