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Modernity, Development parliamentary bloc holds meeting with PM

[7/16/2018 5:14:24 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Modernity and Development Parliamentary Bloc said Monday it had met with Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, to discuss its demands to the government.

The Prime Minister said the government will meet its demands, the bloc said in a statement after the meeting.

As a result, the bloc announced that it will give confidence to the government to enable it to implement the policy statement, pledged before the Lower House of Representatives, according to the statement.

The bloc said it would assess the government's achievements during its first 100 days, as stated in the policy statement, warning that if the government failed, the bloc would hold it accountable in accordance with its constitutional tools and would request a no confidence vote in the government.

The bloc had presented a number of public demands to the prime minister, including: launching a clear plan to address the economic crisis and citizens' livelihood issues, establishing programs and projects that contribute to improving citizens' standard of living and addressing public debt without affecting citizens.

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