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PM holds meetings with parliamentary blocs

[7/10/2018 3:31:55 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, on Tuesday began a series of consultative meetings with parliamentary blocs in the lower House of Representatives on the policy statement presented Monday by his government seeking the Lower House's confidence.

Razzaz and cabinet members held three separate meetings with the parliamentary blocs of Modernity and Development, Future and Justice, which include 52 MPs.

The government will continue its meetings during the next two days with independent deputies and those who are members in the Watan, Initiative, Nahda and Reform blocs, which include 78 lawmakers.

The premier said the government is committed to providing the Lower House with an executive work program that includes measurable timetables and performance indicators, within 100 days.

He stressed the importance of partnership and integration with the lawmakers during an "exceptional stage" that requires everyone to cooperate in setting up extraordinary solutions and implement them in a way felt by citizens.

The prime minister emphasized the government's keenness to listen to the MPs' comments via continuous communication with parliamentary committees and discussions over priorities related to challenges facing Jordan.

Those challenges, Razzaz noted, are in the fields of transportation, education, media, prices hikes, tenders, civil service, energy, minerals, water, drugs control, development zones, agriculture, e-government and others.

He said the government seeks to "dot the i's and cross the t's" in terms of the national renaissance project, the social contract based on the principle of accountability and ensuring the citizen's right to access all information related to priorities and spending.

He pledged to develop a clear plan to restructure government institutions and units, boost the partnership between the public and private sectors, address corruption and promote investments.

In his meetings, the prime minister tackled a wide range of issues that matter to lawmakers and citizens as well as regional issues of importance to Jordan.

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