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PM says Jordan has confirmed info of armed militants among would-be Syrian refugees

[7/1/2018 3:41:04 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz on Sunday said Jordan understands its duty of helping the Syrian brethren and doing its utmost to make relief supplies available to them but, at the same time, the Kingdom has confirmed information that there are militant groups and weapons among and with some of the population groups, which some demand Jordan to open the borders to them.

During a tour to the Jordanian-Syrian borders, the prime minister said the Kingdom is trying to strike balance between national security and the delivery of relief supplies to the Syrian brothers on the other side of the borders.

In response to a question, the prime minister confirmed that there is a security threat, saying: "We will not be able to decide or isolate who is an unarmed Syrian citizen and who is otherwise. We have faced such scenarios in the past and we don't want to see them again." "We will support the Syrian national inside Syrian territory and across the borders between the two countries and our borders are open, but within full security control, and if we feel that there is a case or injury needing treatment, it will be allowed entry and will be rushed to Jordanian hospitals," he added.

The prime minister assured that national borders are fully controlled and whenever there is an exception, it will be dealt with under specific humanitarian conditions. He pointed out that no country in the world would fully open its borders to hundreds of thousands, especially in light of the international community's failure to shoulder its responsibilities.

Al-Razzaz met with top military officials and commended the army's role in protecting the Kingdom's frontiers.

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