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Crown Prince surprises young participants in Haqiq initiative in Aqaba

[6/28/2018 5:49:36 PM]

AMMONNEWS - His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Regent, surprised young participants in the Haqiq initiative in Aqaba and joined them in voluntary work to restore a house there.

Prince Al Hussein chose to spend part of this day, which coincides with his twenty-fourth birthday, participating the initiative's youth in the extra voluntary work announced by the Crown Prince Foundation on the occasion of his birthday.

The Crown Prince commended the Haqiq initiative students' efforts and their active role in the construction process by seeking to spread the concept of volunteering in all governorates of the Kingdom.

His Highness exchanged talks with a number of family members of the restored house and checked on their living conditions. He also had a conversation with the initiative students.

The Haqiq initiative is one of the Crown Prince Foundation's initiatives. It was launched in April 2013, and aimed for students of both sexes in different governorates. Candidates, who wish to join the initiative shall pass several stages before choosing a knight for each regiment. At each stage, mechanisms of teamwork, team building and promoting the system of special leadership concepts are developed, as well as the development of members' mentality, intellectuality and knowledge.

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