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YouTubers’ target shooting prank ends in family tragedy

[6/25/2018 5:27:05 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prank gone wrong or a bravery challenge? Call it what you will, but Pedro Ruiz III was tragically killed when entrusting his pregnant girlfriend to shoot him with only an encyclopedia as protection.

Pedro Ruiz III (22) along with the mother of his child and future child, Monalisa Perez (20), were avid YouTubers, striving for fame and endless views. However, their video dream playing out a rookie idea went horribly wrong during the June of 2017 in Minnesota, USA. The Daily Mail reported that Ruiz thought a hardcover encyclopedia would be able to shield and protect him from a bullet being hurled by a 50-caliber Desert Eagle (one of the most powerful handguns in the world). The prank resulted in his unfortunate death.

In the video, his girlfriend is seen pleading to not execute the stunt. Yet, Ruiz insisted, claiming that he was ‘ready for death’. Ruiz had obviously miscalculated the impact of the bullet as it penetrated not only the book but his chest as well. The 911 dispatcher received distressing calls from Perez stating that their ‘YouTube video had gone wrong’.

“I have confidence that my girlfriend will hit the book and not me”. His confidence was shattered as he was hit, widowing his girlfriend who has now pleaded guilty for second-degree manslaughter and will serve 180 days in prison, and seperating their three-year-old daughter and newborn son.

The ‘safe barrier’ encyclopedia used had the markings of a hand-drawn target along with the words ‘Plz Hit Here’ and an arrow which pointed at the bulls-eye of the target.

Perez and Ruiz’s YouTube channel was filled with prank-based videos. Their three-year-old daughter, Aaliyah, was present at the occurrence of the shooting and one can only assume she must have been traumatized by the experience.

*Al Arabiya

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