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King says will always stand by citizens, understand living hardships

[6/4/2018 7:02:42 PM]

AMMONNEWS - His Majesty King Abdullah II on Monday said he will always stand by citizens and that he understands the magnitude living hardships facing the nation, adding that "the citizen has all the right and I will not accept that Jordanians suffer".

During his meeting on with directors of official media bodies, newspapers' editors-in-chiefs, president of the Jordan Press Association and columnists, King Abdullah voiced pride over what he saw of civilized expression of opinion by the Jordanian youth in recent days, which reflects their pursuit of a better future.

"All Jordanians are working for a better future for their country and how to move forward with confidence and determination," he said.

"What I have seen over the past few days makes me feel happy and I am honored to be Jordanian," the king said.

His Majesty stressed the need for state institutions to embark on a new approach based on performance development, accountability and transparency, and give way to young people who have the energy and dedication to serve the nation.

During the meeting, King Abdullah noted that the challenges and the difficult situation that Jordan is going through requires wisdom and responsibility. "As Jordanians, If we are to move forward, we must deal with the challenges through a new approach, away from the traditional track", His Majesty said.

His Majesty referred to challenges arising from regional instability, including the disruption of Egyptian gas supply, which cost the Kingdom more than JOD4 billion, the closure of borders with the main markets of the Kingdom and the additional and significant costs of securing borders.

He explained that such challenges are the main reason for the difficult economic situation we face. The King noted that failure of some officials in decision-making was dealt with in a timely manner, which resulted in the dismissal of officials and governments.

The King said: "In the past period, I have been forced to do the government's work, and this is not my role. My role is to be a guarantor of the constitution and a guarantor of the balance between the authorities. Every authority and official has to be up to the responsibility, and he who can't do his job should go and allow who is more capable".

The King pointed out that he has directed more than once, and worked hard to reach parliamentary governments, but this was not achieved because of poor performance of the parties.

In the same context, His Majesty said that "this reality prompted the activation of the parliamentary blocs, which we hope will work to promote parliamentary and partisan life.

King Abdullah pointed out that Jordan has faced an unexpected economic and regional situation, and there is no plan capable of dealing effectively and quickly with this challenge. He pointed out that Jordan stands today at "a crossroads, either to overcome the crisis and provide a decent life for our people, or move to the unknown, but we have know where we are going".

King Abdullah said that international aid to Jordan has declined despite the Kingdom's burden of hosting Syrian refugees. "There is a shortcoming from the world," he said.

Regarding the draft income tax bill, His Majesty the King said that the draft is controversial and a dialogue must be launched about it, as all countries in the world have passed through such a challenge.

His Majesty stressed that the government had a great responsibility to clarify the draft for Jordanians, but there was a lack of communication.

His Majesty stressed that when citizens pay tax, they should feel that this tax will be reflected in better services provided to them, including schools, hospitals or transportation, pointing out that the state institutions provide services, but must improve their quality.

King Abdullah added that the protection of the low-income and the middle class and the promotion of investment should be a priority. He stressed that constructive and transparent dialogue is important because every Jordanian has a voice that must be heard.

The King pointed out that Jordan has completed most of the measures and financial reforms within the framework of the IMF program, which will enable the Kingdom to obtain economic assistance from donor countries and to continue implementing development programs.

King Abdullah commended security agencies for their civilized handling of the protests, pointing out that the relationship between the citizen and security bodies is one of the most important things that distinguishes Jordan.

The meeting saw an extensive discussion over the situation and challenges facing Jordan and the role of responsible national media in explaining the facts to the citizens, and leading dialogue and public opinion.

The meeting was attended by the Chief of the Royal Court, the King's Advisor, the King's Office Director, and His Majesty's Advisor for Economic Affairs.

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