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Are We A Society of Tolerance and Solidarity?

[5/17/2018 11:18:57 AM]

AMMONNEWS - On Sunday morning under the auspices of HRH Prince Mired bin Ra’ad, Head of the Higher Council for the Affairs of persons with disabilities, very proud parents together with the dedicated staff of Al Hussein Society Jordan Center for Inclusion and Training joined by the Society’s committed partners, representatives of local and international organizations, celebrated the 38th graduation of the Society’s school. The graduation was preceded by lovely theatrical performance, songs and statements by the school’s children and by three former students sharing their success stories reflecting sense of belonging and partnership which were introduced as this year graduation theme.

The families of the children rejoiced and appreciated their children’s acquisition of skills and capabilities preparing them to be enrolled in main stream schools. The audience couldn’t help being highly impressed by the degree of children’s empowerment and involvement in issues relevant to their both rights and duties as good Jordanian citizens
However the key question remains whether the Jordanian citizens at large are acting as good citizens foremost concerning their duties towards others especially those with disabilities.

While the colossal efforts of the Society, in serving people with disabilities of all nationalities residing in the Kingdom including refugees throughout the Kingdom with very modest budget which puts the sustainability of their comprehensive most needed services at risk, continue. Such celebrations, which represent an occasion to get acquainted with the achievements of the Society, continue to receive very modest attention of the Jordanian society at large. We continue hearing statements such as “I cannot see people with disabilities, it hurts.” Complete indifference to requests to support the Society addressing financially capable people continues.

In the light of the above mentioned, a crucial however painful reality evolves. An exemplary Jordanian institution serving the most vulnerable segment of the Arab nation in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and pioneering inclusion is hardly surviving in a society that is far from tolerance and solidarity!

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