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Citizens must be informed on nature of services provided to them, says PM

[5/9/2018 4:06:52 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister, Hani Mulki, stressed the need to clarify the nature of services provided to citizens in different sectors as well as showing figures and facts about the treasury's expenditure for providing services to citizens.

"Jordan is not an oil-rich country, but the level of services provided to citizens in different sectors is greater than that offered by many countries that live in similar circumstances," Mulki said during a meeting on Wednesday with several members of the ministerial team. "The Jordanian man is our true wealth and our goal is to serve the citizen and community," he added.

He pointed out that funds that are generated from taxes and revenues are spent in order to improve the level of various services, as services offered today in the sectors of health, education, transport, communications, information technology, infrastructure and other sectors have considerably developed, compared with other countries whose economic conditions are similar to Jordan.

Despite difficult economic conditions, however, spending on services in the Kingdom didn't stop or decline, the prime minister emphasized, noting that many service projects have been implemented in various sectors in all governorates, including major projects that must be presented to the public, stressing that Jordan will continue to progress.

The premier instructed the concerned ministers to inform citizens of details of services provided by each ministries' sectors, as well as highlighting digital facts about each sector.

He also underlined the need to communicate with various stakeholders to highlight this aspect, calling for a dialogue based on an objective assessment of the nature of services, and their volume of spending, according to available resources.

He also pointed to the need to continue to improve services, within existing capabilities in order to enhance their continuous development; to serve citizens.

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