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PSD warns against circulating fabricated stories, video clips

[5/9/2018 5:31:07 AM]

AMMONNEWS - A statement by the Public Security Department (PSD) late Tuesday warned against publishing and circulating fabricated posts and video clips on social media, confirming at the same time its agents will follow up on any untrue stories .

"Stemming from keenness to preserve our national unity, PSD staff dealt prudently and wisely with many misleading news, posts, and video clips that were published on social media, following an attack against a citizen near a commercial complex a few days ago," it said.

" Some people were dared to create a fabricated post and attribute it to His Majesty Abdullah II that was circulated via various social networks ." The PSD strongly warns against such fabrications, stressing at the same time it will pursue perpetrators of these falsified news that aim to destabilize our social fabric .

" Perpetrators will be referred to the concerned authorities for legal action," the PSD statement stressed .

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