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PM: We will press ahead with water desalination projects

[4/11/2018 2:29:52 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Hani Al Mulki on Wednesday, visited the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and checked on plans and programs prepared by the ministry to deal with the water supply issue in 2018, the summer water plan, and projects implemented by the ministry.

During a meeting with Minister of Water and Irrigation Ali Ghzawi, senior officials from the ministry, the Water Authority, Jordan Valley Authority and water companies, Al Mulki said that the government is interested in supporting the water sector and enabling it to address the increasing demand for water.

The government, he added, will provide all the necessary resources to ensure the success of the ministry's efforts to overcome all challenges as water scarcity is a major strategic challenge for Jordan.

The prime minister stressed the importance of focusing on sound management of water resources in Jordan in light of the expected increase in demand with expectations of a good tourist season, high temperatures, the holy month of Ramadan as well as the impact of Syrian refugees.

Al Mulki affirmed the need to develop plans and strengthen the short-term programs prepared by the water ministry to deal with the water challenges in the coming months. He also highlighted the need for long-term plans and programs that foresee the water situation in the Kingdom and conform with the vision of Jordan 2025.

He pointed out that the food prices have dropped by 5 to 7 percent since the beginning of the year until the end of last March due to their decline at the global level.

The prime minister emphasized the importance of expanding desalination programs to meet the increasing demand for water. He pointed out that a successful water desalination project in Aqaba will provide 5 million cubic meters of water annually to serve industrial and tourism investments.

The premier added that the government, through the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, is seeking to implement a number of water projects that will meet water needs for all uses in the coming years.

The minister of water and irrigation spoke about major challenges facing the water sector including the Syrian refugee crisis asylum, the effects of climate change, the decline in precipitations and the challenges of energy.

He said that the ministry has prepared a plan to deal with the water issue and address the increase in demand, especially during the summer that witnesses a rise in the number of tourists and expatriates.

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