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House speaker warns of Arab countries' fragmentation

[4/5/2018 10:48:06 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament, Atef Tarawneh, warned of the danger of splitting up Arab countries as "talk of deals being woven here and there" threaten the hopes and aspirations of Arab peoples who have long awaited to live in peace and security.

Tarawneh, head of the Jordanian parliamentary delegation to the 27th Arab Parliamentary Union meeting held in Cairo on Thursday, said the Arab region has long suffered from fragmentation and division, and "everyone is asking about the solution and the importance of pan-Arab solidarity." Tarawneh cited the experience of cooperation and union in the "multi-ethnic, multi-lingual" European continent as a lesson to benefit from.

He also warned the lack of a united Arab stance, simultaneous with the US administration's bias and the arrogance of the Israeli occupier will lead to more suffering of the Palestinian people, settlements construction and desecration of the Islamic and Christian holy sites.

On a related context, he said the country's efforts towards the Palestinian issue aim to unify the Arab stances in a bid to achieve aspirations of the Palestinian people for their right to establish their independent state and to exert pressure on the international community to fulfill its responsibilities towards refugees to address the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza enclave.

As for the Syria crisis, he reiterated Jordan's stance calling for the political solution and the inter-Syrian dialogue, away from any external interference, stressing the importance of this Arab nation's stability and unity.

On the impact of the consecutive refugee crises, he said Jordan's economy is adversely affected as its education, health and water sectors bore the brunt, calling for funneling further aid to counter this situation.

Parliamentary delegations from Jordan, Bahrain, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Oman, Kuwait, Libya, Egypt, Morocco and Yemen took part in the conference.

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