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Jordan: 25 MPs reject Israeli ambassador return

[4/5/2018 6:47:53 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Twenty-five Jordanian MPs have signed a petition rejecting the return of the Israeli ambassador to Amman, Head of Palestine Committee in the Jordanian Parliament Yahya Al-Saud told Anadoluyesterday.

"Signed by 25 lawmakers, the petition -which calls for banning the ambassador's return to Jordan- was delivered to parliament's general-secretariat," Al-Saud said.

When asked by Anadolu whether the petition's signatories wanted to sever all diplomatic relations with Israel, he replied: "Yes, that's what we want."

There has been no Israeli ambassador in the Jordanian capital since an incident in July in which an Israeli security guard shot a Jordanian citizen who allegedly tried to stab him.

A Jordanian bystander was also shot and killed in the incident. Israel immediately withdrew its embassy staff, including the ambassador at the time, Einat Schlein.

Last Wednesday the Jordan government announced its agreement to receive Amir Weissbrod, the new Israeli ambassador nominated by the Israeli government.

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