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Sarayreh : Gov't will support national industries

[3/21/2018 3:46:19 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs Jamal Sarayreh said the government will support national industry and will not let industries of other countries to "take them over".

Speaking to a workshop on vocational education at the Amman Chamber of Industry on Wednesday, he announced the government is ready to go to factories to solve their problems with all courage.

The minister said the government wants to promote national industry as a bid to boost other economic sectors.

Sarayreh urged the industrial sector to bridge gaps to meet needs of the domestic market, stressing "we want a prosperous industry." On manpower rehabilitation, Sarayreh spurred the industrial sector, especially the Amman Chamber of Industry, to take care of the issue of training centers to rehabilitate Jordanian labor force and to seek international expertise, especially the German, in this regard.

As for boosting technical education (TE), the minister said harmonizing industry with TE outputs is a prerequisite for bridging gaps to meet the labor market needs, he said, and stressed the need to increase investment in the country's human resources.

The minister said Jordan's stability needs anticipation of challenges in a bid to develop relevant solutions ahead.

On benefiting from world advances, the minister said the shift towards excellence in the knowledge industry and skills development requires institutions concerned with the human resource to strive to develop their technological infrastructure and educational plans to meet needs of the local and regional labor markets and to enable young people to compete.

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