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PM: Arabizing the military is a sovereign-based decision

[3/1/2018 10:02:14 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Hani Al-Mulki on Thursday said Arabization of the military was a sovereign-based decision that lifted the Arab Army's morale and instilled a sense of allegiance for the country and loyalty to its leader.

Marking the 62th anniversary of Arabization of the military, Prime Minister in a tweet on the Prime Ministry's official website said His Majesty late King Hussein saw the decision as a step to augment the country's sovereignty with the army under its control.

Al-Mulki said the step was very "bold and visionary".

He recalled a Cabinet meeting chaired by the late King Hussein in March 1,1956, where it took a decision 198, to terminate services of Glubb Pasha and to appoint Radi Annab as the chairman of the chiefs of staff of the Arab Legion, a step that strengthened the country's sovereignty and self-reliance.

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