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Three arrested in Amman on fraud charges

[2/24/2018 2:35:04 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Amman criminal police have arrested three people who posed as workers raising funds for charity work, according to a security source.
It said a special team of the Department of Criminal Investigation was formed after receiving complaints from the public that unidentified persons had asked them for donations for charity projects, and then dropped out of sight after taking the cash.

It said that acting on information collected about the individuals and the vehicles they used, police identified and arrested two persons in a car, who had criminal records and who confessed to committing the crime along with a third accomplice, who was also nabbed.

The source said that the suspects were paraded before the complainants, who recognised them, and that the investigation revealed that one of the vehicles seized carried fake number plates and that it had been stolen in northern Amman.

The sum of 300 dinars was found inside the vehicle, it said, adding that the investigation was still underway and that the suspects will be referred to judicial authorities, it added.

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