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Jordanian media: Israel paid $5 mln to families of killed Jordanians

[1/20/2018 7:51:34 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Jordanian media reported the Israeli government paid $5 million to the families of Mohammed Jawaedeh and Bashar Hamarneh, the two men who were shot by Israeli security guard Ziv Moyal in July 2017 in what Israel claims was a terrorist attack.

The Israeli government didn't, however, pay the families directly. It was the Jordanian government who transferred funds from the Israelis to the families.

The families accepted the compensation and what they saw as an expression of regret by the Israeli government, according to the report.

Money was also given to the family of judge Raid Zaitar, who was shot dead by Israeli soldiers who claimed he tried to grab a weapon from one of the soldiers by force during March 2014.

The Jordanian newspaper Al-Ad reported Saturday that these formal Israeli actions fulfill the Jordanian conditions for the reopening of the Israeli embassy in Jordan.

The newspaper also reported that Israel said it will begin legal action against the security guard.

The shooting incident lead to rage demonstrations throughout the kingdom of Jordan and a deep diplomatic crises between Israel and Jordan.

On Friday, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned from his state visit to India, he said Israel “expressed regret” to Jordan over the shooting that took place at the Israeli embassy in Amman last year, but did not apologize.

Netanyahu said Israel would pay reparations to the Jordanian government, but not to the families.

He said Israeli Ambassador to Jordan Einat Shlain, whom he holds in the highest esteem, would be promoted and reassigned to a different position.


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