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Polar front forecast to bring rain, snow as of Thursday evening

[1/17/2018 8:17:16 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Cold and cloudy conditions are forecast to continue on Wednesday with scattered showers across many parts of the Kingdom, the Jordan Meteorological Department(JMD) said in its daily brief.

Fog formation is also expected at night over the hilly areas and the Badia regions, while winds will be westerly moderate to brisk, the JMD added.

Daytime temperatures forecast today in Amman and the northern regions will hover around 13 degrees Celsius dropping down to 6 and 8 respectively. The weather will be warmer in the southern port city of Aqaba with the highs around 21 degrees sliding to 11 at night.

Similar weather conditions will continue to prevail on Thursday during the day, while in the evening, the country will be affected by a very cold polar front accompanied by a depression centered over northwestern Syria. Temperatures will tangible drop bringing chilly and cloudy conditions with rainfall in the central regions, which will gradually extend to all areas, the JMD further added.

The polar front will deepen starting Thursday night, bringing heavy rain accompanied with hail, thunder and lightning, while snowfall on elevations of 1,000m above sea level is also expected. Winds speed will rose reaching 50-60 Km/h with strong gusts exceeding 85 km/h , the department explained.

On Friday, the Kingdom will remain under the impact of the depression, which will start moving toward northeastern Syria, but similar weather conditions will continue during daytime. Temperatures will drop at night with frost formation over the hilly areas, the JMD further said.

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