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PM forms committee to institutionalize work of social safety network.

[1/7/2018 3:19:36 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Hani Al Mulki has decided to form a ministerial committee that will be responsible for all details related to the social safety network.

The committee will be chaired by the minister of social development with the membership of the minister of labour, health, state ministers for media affairs, as well as the ministers of ICT, public sector development, finance and industry and trade.

The committee is formed with the aim of sustaining and institutionalizing work of the social safety network that was announced during discussions over the 2018 general budget draft law.

The committee will be tasked with setting clear and transparent criteria for the targeted segments that will be reviewed annually. It will also set the mechanisms to distribute the JD171 million allocated in the draft budget law to beneficiaries of the social safety network.

The JD171 million will make up for rising cost of living brought about by lifting subsidies on commodities that have been a fixture in the economic system for decades, mainly the bread subsidy.

Earlier last month, the government launched website ( for registering to benefit from the financial support.

The website will enable Jordanian families and individuals to apply for the programme.

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