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Rheinmetall upgrading Marder vehicles for Jordan delivery

[12/14/2017 2:45:02 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Surplus Marder infantry fighting vehicles of the German army are being modernized by Rheinmetall for the Jordanian military.

Germany is supplying the 25 vehicles to Jordan early next year under a military aid program, the company announced on Wednesday.

Jordan acquired the 25 Marder vehicles from Germany in 2016 and 2017.

"The contract was awarded under a German military aid program aimed at bolstering the capabilities of the Jordanian armed forces in the fight against international terrorism as well as for border security and stabilization missions." Rheinmetall said in a press release.

The contract to Rheinmetall is worth about $20 million.

The upgrade includes spare parts, ammunition, documentation, special tools, customer support on location and training for operators and maintenance personnel.

The Marder 1A3 infantry fighting vehicle, which seats nine, weighs about 38 tons. The vehicle's top speed is nearly 40 miles per hour.


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