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Egyptian-Jordanian military drills still ongoing

[11/21/2017 5:13:48 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Military exercises between the Egyptian and Jordanian armies, that were launched under the name “Aqaba 3” are still underway in the southern military zone of Egypt.

The exercises include land forces, Egypt’s southern fleet, commandos, paratroopers, the air force, and special navy units, according to a military statement.

Preparatory stages of the drills include theoretical and practical lectures on the military techniques, abilities of the participating troops to take the appropriate decisions on time along with several training missions carried out jointly by the two sides.

The two armies are exchanging expertise as well as practice maintaining readiness to plan, coordinate and conduct joint missions in the face of unusual threats and other challenges.

The current phase of the drills include the implementation of nontraditional combat tasks by the paratroopers and land troops on the coasts of an island. The tasks are aimed at carrying out a mission to clear terrorist elements and regain control over the island.

Aqaba 3 drills are part of a series of joint exercises carried out by the armed forces along with other friendly countries with the aim of exchanging military expertise.

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