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Syrian opposition leader Riyad Hijab steps down

[11/20/2017 2:13:41 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Syrian opposition leader Riyad Hijab has said he is stepping down as the General Coordinator of the High Negotiations Committee ahead of a much-anticipated conference of the anti-Assad camp on Nov. 22.

Hijab tweeted his full official resignation letter stating the end of his duties since he began to lead the HNC in 2015.

The opposition leader said that since the beginning he has supported the cause of seeking a unified Syria that has no place for Assad and his regime.

He added that there were many challenges that faced the revolution prolonging Assad’s command and exposing Syria and Syrians to external forces that sought to divide it.

“Despite the differences and the conflicting opinions, still we stood unified to assert our independence and national stability,” he said.

Hijab said: “After two years of working hard to confirm the demands of the Syrian revolution, I have to resign my duties, wishing the Supreme Commission more achievements, and to my country Syria, safety, stability and peace.”

“My sincerest thanks to the people of Syria who stood in our support and the calls for justice during these tough times,” he concluded.

*Al Arabiya

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