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House speaker : Speech from Throne outlines domestic program, economic issue main concern

[11/11/2017 5:35:25 AM]

AMMONNEWS - His Majesty King Abdullah II, on Sunday will inaugurate the 18th Parliament's second ordinary session with a speech from the Throne that will guide the government institutions and represents a working program for the coming phase, Lower House speaker, Atef Tarawneh said.

In an interview with 60 Minutes TV program,Tarawneh stated that after the address, the Senate will convene to elect a panel to draft a reply to the King's speech, in accordance with the Upper House’s bylaws.

Following the Senate meeting, the 150-member Lower House will also meet in a separate session, during which the Royal Decree to convene the session will be read out, and the lawmakers will elect their speaker and name first and second deputy speakers and aides for the upcoming session.

Al-Tarawneh expressed his satisfaction with the performance of the parliament, despite some difficulties aroused at the beginning of the session, due to the lack of experience of the new 74 lawmakers, who entered the parliament for the first time.

Despite these challenges, Tarwnwh explained that the parliament was able to complete many legislations, including economic, decentralization and corporate control laws. During the extra-ordinary session, a Royal Commission for Judicial Reform was also formed, House speaker said.

The relation between the parliamentarians and the government is complementary and governed by the constitution, he explained, adding that the executive authority is mandated to submit an action plan and implement programs, while the House of Representatives role is to exercise its legislative responsibilities and monitor the performance of the government. Sometimes differences of opinion may arise between the two authorities, but at the end of the day, both authorities will adhere to the constitution and national higher interests.

The House of Representatives is fully aware of all its assumed responsibilities, and is also aware that we are facing grave economic challenges, he added.

"Jordan has not received the promised assistance to ease its economic burdens and to enable the country implement its economic programs and plans, he further explained ."

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