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Statement from Ammon News Agency

[11/1/2017 6:12:48 AM]

AMMONNEWS - A wretched attempt was happened this morning to intervene to Ammon news agency . A hacker could insert fabricated news about His Majesty King Abdullah II and the Saudi Crown Prince as well as a claimed that the chief Royal Court visited to Syria .

The Editorial Office and the Administration of Ammon confirmed that the these news were completely fabricated, and no one of the editors posted them. The engineer, the technician and specialist systems could know certain information that there is a hack by unknown people, they will be checked to know the the details of the hacking side and their mean and bad intent.

Ammon confirmed that its honesty is the mist important thing and what happened will not prevent the workers to do their national and professional role, and publishing the truth without fear. Also Ammon confirmed that these news were completely wrong and fabricated.

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