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PM: Self-reliance a key government goal

[10/12/2017 3:48:15 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki on Thursday said pursuing and achieving self-reliance is a key goal for his government and that any economic reform program in Jordan that will not be at the expense of development, because there is no economic or social reform without real development.

Controlling government expenditure and increasing revenues aim to promote development and provide optimal services to citizens, the prime minister told a meeting with executive and local councils of the southern city of Aqaba.

He indicated that the funds collected will be channeled to finance development and upgrade public services. Al-Mulki emphasized that his government is committed to realizing political reform, as envisioned by His Majesty King Abdullah II, and expanding the public's participation in the decision-making process.

He also stressed commitment to empowering local councils to plan development priorities and uplift the overall public performance.

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