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About 200 public schools to receive Syrian refugee children

[9/12/2017 1:57:03 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Some 198 public schools across the Kingdom will this year start receiving Syrian refugee students under the evening education programme, which is financed by international organisations, according to a Ministry of Education official.

Hussein Kilani, coordinator of the ministry's school technical support project and the evening education programme for Syrian refugees, said the programme which runs for ten months, will be implemented this year.

He said the programme aims to offer support to schools running evening shifts to integrate Syrian refugee children in official education institutions and extra educational programmes in the Kingdom's various governorates.

Kilani said that for their admission, the refugee pupils need not present any documents or school certificates from previous years upon registration, and that children with special needs can register at schools close to their residence.

Those students who stayed away from classes for three years can join their peers through intensive programmes in the subjects of Arabic language, science, English and mathematics, he explained.

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