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Motorcycle Frenzy

[9/5/2017 2:49:53 PM]

AMMONNEWS - By Feras WerrThey are all over the streets of Amman with their furious motors ruining the peace and quiet of our community. They may come in pairs, racing to see who can jump start the traffic lights with awesome speeds, or in packs of ten to even twenty disturbing the tranquility of different neighborhoods in the outskirts of Amman. Whether they are legal in Jordan or not their speeds are terrifying and the stunts they pull off while driving are alarming and reckless. Somehow there has to be an end to what is happening as the drivers of these motorcycles are proving to be irresponsible towards the public safety and to the vehicles around them on the motorways.

It was said in the past that they weren’t allowed due to the same concerns, that the drivers will eventually cause the same inconvenience on the streets, and therefore cause tremendous danger to the welfare of the other vehicles and people in our community. Personally speaking I truly wish that this restriction wasn’t lifted at all as what our community is seeing is unacceptable by any civilized standards. The noise that some vehicles make is horribly loud and shocking; clearly explaining that there are no clear laws in effect to control the noise pollution that they make or perhaps that prohibit certain types of engines that release vigorous roars. There are no laws in effect identifying any roads that they are or are not allowed to use inside Amman or any of the provinces. I don’t see that the drivers even adhere to the speed limits on the roads nor do the police put any effort to pursue the motorcycles that break the speed limits at any time. Its’ just a terrifying reality that I see daily on my way to work and when I return home from Amman to Fuheis, which eventually compelled me to write this article, hoping to direct more attention to this unexplainable menace on our streets.

In the Rabiyeh Neighborhood, where I work, another type of catastrophe lurks around every now and then just making the motorcycle problem even worse and potentially dangerous to heart patients and people with high blood pressure problems. Three wheel sand buggies and motorcycles with massively loud roars suddenly break the peace barriers and rush through the neighborhoods alarming almost everybody around them. It’s just unbelievable how the conscience of some people that market these commercial vehicles and that of the drivers just die out against a small driving adventure, when they allow themselves to drive through the commercial complexes and houses in this disgusting manner. They resemble supersonic assault planes that just come out of the blue and break the barrier of the speed of sound, tearing the skies above with the sounds of their engines. The same happens in Rabiyeh except on the ground when those vehciles drive through the streets. It’s just a very sad story that has to find a solution and an ending.

I don’t see wings on those motorcycles to explain their high speeds on the streets. They don’t have a Boeing 707 logo on them at all. Nor did any of the drivers receive their license from an aviation college. I definitely don’t find their stunts amusing at all or sensible. Driving is just the responsibility of reaching to where you want safely along with the passengers of the vehicle you are driving. Doing this safely and sanely only shows how mature the person is that is driving. However for the daredevils that don’t believe in this issue they are just a menace that has to be taken care of because living with them daily on the streets is just annoying and frustrating. It’s not the problem of legal age as the drivers all have achieved this condition. It’s the problem of being balanced and mature deep inside while driving; is there a way to be fully assured as to if this can be checked? Frankly and personally I’m with prohibiting motorcycles again from the Kingdom if the drivers will continue to be insensitive towards driving safely and soundly.

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