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IEC cancels elections in Muwaqqar

[8/15/2017 5:14:28 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The Independent Election Commission (IEC) Board of Commissioners decided to cancel municipal and decentralization elections in the Central Badia's Muwaqqar area following electoral violations, according to IEC President Khaled Kalaldeh.

Kalaldeh explained that the decision was taken after the commission came to the conclusion that the violations, which included damaging ballot boxes, tampering with ballots and threatening members of the elections committee, will affect the outcome of the polls.

He added that (IEC) Board of Commissioners decided to cancel the elections and re-do the voting in the local councils of Muwaqqar, Um Batma, al-hatmiyeh and al-Hneifiyeh, in addition to the constituency 28 of the governorate councils in Amman (Municipality of Muwaqqar), at a time to be determined later.

Article 55 of the Municipalities Act and Article 30 of the decentralization law allow the IEC to cancel the results of the election at any of the polling or vote counting stations in case of a defect in the process of voting or vote counting, which would affect the initial results of the elections, and that the voting or vote counting process shall be repeated or both in a time and manner the commission deems appropriate.

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