Jordanian zoo rescues animals from war-torn Aleppo | Panorama | Ammon News

Jordanian zoo rescues animals from war-torn Aleppo

[8/12/2017 6:01:28 AM]

AMMONNEWS - A Jordanian zoo has rescued the last 13 animals from a zoo in the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo.

This is the moment that the traumatized and scarred innocents of the world's most brutal war finally made it to safety.

Behind them, in shattered cages and compounds, 140 creatures lay dead - killed by bombs, bullets, starvation or stress in the zoo that found itself on the front line of the terrible Syrian civil war.

But for these few at least there was a happy ending. Plunged into a vortex of suffering by man, it was humans who also came to their rescue.

The international Four Paws animal charity admitted it dealt with some 'very bad men' to negotiate the safe passage of the last nine animals out of the remains of Aleppo zoo to their new home in neighbouring Jordan.

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