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Jordan border town shaken by explosion in Syria

[8/8/2017 8:35:20 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Citizens in the Jordan city of Al Ramtha, bordering Syria, have felt the tremors of an explosion of a Free Syrian Army weapons depot in Syria's Daraa province, according to a security source.

Sources have revealed that five people were killed by the explosion in the armory in Daraa, and that the cause of the explosion is unknown.

The sound of the explosions was heard in the northwestern city in Irbid province, and was reported to be the effects of a grenade that exploded in the Syrian territories, according to local sources.

The village is situated 400m for Syria’s southern province of Daraa, where rebel held areas are regularly bombed by Russian and regime airforces, with stray shells often flying into the the neighbouring Jordanian village.

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