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US Embassy in Amman : Jordan is a strategic partner

[7/17/2017 6:41:52 AM]

AMMONNEWS -The spokesperson of US Embassy in Amman Eric Barbee announce statement Ammon received copy of it :

AJordanian Military Court issued a guilty verdict against the Jordanian soldier who killed three American service members on November 4, 2016 at Al-Jafr airbase.

The representatives of the U.S. Embassy observed the trial and judicial proceedings, which confirmed that the deceased U.S. service members followed all established procedures when accessing the base the day of the incident, as we have noted before.

We are reassured to see the perpetrator brought to justice. We appreciate the access provided to us and to the families of the victims, as well as the expedience and seriousness of the court proceedings, consistent with Jordanian law. Despite this tragedy, Jordan remains a strategic partner.

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