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Israel forms rapid intervention unit on borders with Jordan

[7/8/2017 5:56:53 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Israeli army has formed a special military unit which will operate along the border with Jordan. Tam has been set up to counter military operations targeting Israel which are expected to be carried out across the border, the Maariv daily reported yesterday, quoting army sources.

The new unit will be composed of elite units of the military which consists of reservists who are recruited from settlements located on the border with Jordan.

Its mission will extend to the entire Jordan Valley and Bisan area along the Jordanian border.

Maariv explained that the unit’s mission is similar to that of the anti-terrorism unit operating in the area of the city of Eilat near the border with Egypt.

According to the paper, Israel has taken several security measures with Jordan, especially since the Syrian war, for fear that jihadist elements could infiltrate Israel.

The Israeli army has already formed a military force called Desert Lions to monitor the border with Jordan.


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