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RJ signs agreement to drive new insights into improved network planning

[5/15/2017 9:56:28 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Royal Jordanian (RJ) has signed a new agreement with Sabre Corporation to help the national carrier optimize flight network and improve profit

The agreement also entails that Sabre Corporation, the global technology provider to the travel and tourism industry, provides RJ with a suite of technology to help plan its network of flights.

Airline network planning departments face several challenges, such as proactively and accurately informing network planners about which markets to serve and determining the right markets in which to codeshare. Under the new multi-year agreement, RJ will benefit from the Sabre Network Planning suite of technology, which will help it address these challenges.

Through the suite – which includes Schedule Manager, Slot Manager, Profit Manager, and Fleet Manager – RJ will be able to optimize its network of flights based on a number of market conditions. The airline will also enjoy more accurate forecasting and analysis of its network compared with its competitors, enabling it to deploy its aircraft more effectively.

"We are among the most successful carriers in the Levant region, and have an opportunity to keep growing," said President/ CEO of Royal Jordanian Captain Suleiman Obeidat. "We operate more than 500 flights per week to 44 destinations across the Middle East, Europe, the US, the Far East and Africa.

In order to maintain our strong reputation and performance, we need to adapt ourselves to the needs of the regional market we serve, and make sure we are using our resources efficiently. Sabre’s technology will give us a new level of insight, enabling us to make better network planning decisions that will improve our profitability and enable us to invest more in enhancing the experience for our passengers."

"Royal Jordanian already has a strong brand and a history of great success in the Middle Eastern region," said Dino Gelmetti, vice president EMEA, Airline Solutions at Sabre. "The market conditions of the region are now rapidly evolving; larger carriers are facing increased competition from low-cost carriers, so airlines like Royal Jordanian are adopting industry-leading data and technology to be more responsive to sudden market and competitor changes."

Sabre provides technology and consultancy services to more than 225 airlines, including most of the world’s largest carriers. Sabre’s broad suite of flexible and scalable software solutions allows airlines to operate how they want to and adapt their business to changing needs and requirements. Most of the world’s largest carriers already use Sabre’s technology to address their biggest challenges – increasing revenue, minimizing costs and providing an enhanced travel experience.

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