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QRF, Bank ABC sign memo to support education in Jordan

[4/16/2017 6:43:43 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development (QRF) and the Arab Banking Corporation Bank (ABC) Jordan, Sunday signed a Memorandum of Understanding as part of their efforts in supporting education in Jordan, through providing support to the Foundation in improving opportunities for children and youth.

Present at the signing were the CEO of the Queen Rania Foundation, Haifa Dia Al- Attia, and Bank ABC General Manager, Simona Bishouty.

The agreement, which will cover the next four years, states that the bank will support two of the Queen Rania Foundation’s affiliated organizations.

The affiliations that will be receiving the funding are Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans which helps orphaned young people to find and take up job opportunities as well as university and training opportunities, and the Jordan Education Initiative (JEI), which embeds and implements the effective use of technology in school based learning.

During the signing, Al-Attia stressed the importance of the partnership with the private sector which supports the foundation and helps in achieving its vision of reforming education in Jordan and its efforts in developing innovative solutions to both long standing and arising challenges in order to enable Jordanians to realize their aspirations for a better life.

Al-Attia also expressed her pride in having the bank as part of the Foundation’s strategic partners and looks forward to a rewarding partnership.

On presenting the donation, Bishouty expressed her pleasure at the continuation of this support, which reinforces the Bank’s contribution to this important humanitarian initiative and confirms the importance of the role of the private sector in the development of local society, particularly in the education sector.

Bishouty explained that supporting such initiatives falls within Bank ABC’s commitment to corporate social responsibility specifically because JEI supports the efforts of the Ministry of Education to improve educational outcomes through effective use of technological resources "This enables teachers to interact effectively and efficiently with these resources and to harness them to modern educational strategies, leading to academic and social benefit to the students", she added.

QRF was established by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah in 2013. Through research and program development, the foundation aims to improve opportunities for children and youth and equip them with the knowledge, skills and values that will empower them to excel in a fast-paced and competitive world.

QRF seeks to create or localize impactful, innovative and sustainable interventions that have global relevance and an impact-focused and evidence-driven approach to learning is used to develop resilient, student centered and tech enabled educational models.

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