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8-year-old Obaida killer must be executed: High Court

[2/27/2017 12:44:10 PM]

AMMONNEWS - A man who kidnapped an eight-year-old compatriot boy (Obaida Al Aqrabawi), sodomised him and strangled him to death must be executed, the Cassation Court upheld on Monday.

The Jordanian man Nidal Eissa, 48, was first found guilty of premeditated murder, kidnap, sexual assault, illicit alcohol consumption and driving under the influence of alcohol, by the Dubai Criminal Court.

On Aug.15 the court’s jury unanimously sentenced him to death and ordered him to pay Dhs21,000 in temporary civil compensation. He lost the case at the Appeals Court on Jan.22.

He had kidnapped the boy from behind his father’s automobiles garage in Sharjah Industrial area-2 at around 6.30pm on Friday May 20, 2016. He drove him to a dark side of Al Mamzar Park’s parking lot.

He sodomised him on the car’s backseat. On the way back the boy threatened to notify his father and family members about the malignant assault. He decided to kill him in order to evade legal accountability.

He strangled him with his hands for five minutes, wound a ghutra around his neck and pulled from either side for two minutes. The boy resisted until he breathed his last. He continued drinking alcohol until around 5am on Saturday.


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