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Syria: Ceasefire meeting to convene Monday

[2/2/2017 4:17:43 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry announced Thursday the second round of Syria peace talk to be held in Astana on February 6.

Iran, Russia, and Turkey will discuss in the upcoming meeting how a cease-fire in Syria is being implemented, the ministry said in a statement.

The trio issued a communiqué at the end of the first round of peace talk last month calling for direct dialogue between Syrian oppositions and al-Assad regime, in addition to Iran, Russia and Turkey agreement to create a joint mechanism to monitor the cease-fire in Syria, which came into effect on December 30.

The Syrian opposition expressed many reservations on the communiqué, underscored entire rejection for any role for Iran in the future of Syria.

However, the trio sponsors bolstered the Syria opposition participation in the UN-sponsored talks to be held in Geneva on February 8.

The statement stressed that “there is no military solution to the conflict in Syria, and it is only achievable through a political process.”

*Al Arabiya

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