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Moment a Saudi murder victim’s family pardons killer

[11/29/2016 2:27:57 PM]

AMMONNEWS - A video that captured the moment members of two Saudi tribes met to discuss the fate of a murderer - showing a rare insight into the Sharia justice system - has gone viral on social media.

The two unnamed tribes met in a public space where one of the murder victim’s relative spoke, announcing the moment they decided to pardon the killer.

Under Sharia law – which is practiced in Saudi Arabia - a killer goes through a rigorous judicial system before capital punishment is handed down.

After a judge orders capital punishment, a stay of execution takes place until the victim’s family is offered blood money in exchange for justice. If they accept the offer, they can instead pardon the killer who then serves life in jail.

Last month, a Saudi prince was executed for murdering a Saudi after the victim’s family refused a blood money offer.

*Al Arabiya

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